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Friday, May 3, 2013


Firstly, before continuing any further – a few fast facts about myself: I’m Malaysian Chinese in my early 30’s. Like the majority of us in 2008, I was sick and tired of the brainless BN administration and thus voted for the Opposition for the first time ever. I was part of  -called ‘Political Tsunami.’ Honestly speaking, this was perhaps the worst decision that I have rued and wept over ever since.
Looking at the extremist and racial policies of PAS in its push for an Islamist agenda especially in its newly governed state Kedah, makes me wonder if right now they are behaving like this in governing a STATE, I can’t imagine what would happen if they were actually in power of the whole damn COUNTRY.It scares me to think of the fate of my children living under the authority of such intolerant fools who simply have complete utter disregard to our rights as non-Muslims.
It is true that the Government of the day is extremely flawed – corrupt practices, abuses of power and the list go on and on. However, these factors aren’t as important to me as safeguarding my family’s birthrights as non-Muslims. I would fight to the end to protect the rights of my family as non-Muslims; my message thus is simple – do not try to suddenly curtail and curb our rights which we have enjoyed since Independence! Who the hell are they (PAS) to start moral policing our lives? I want my family able to live in a liberal environment.
From what I have seen with what is happening in Kedah under the PAS administration, I refuse to risk the livelihood of my children by putting their future into the hands of these mad extremists in their pursuit of an Islamist state. It is just too risky to do so. I am not risking the livelihood and indispensable rights of my children by placing them under the governing hands of these menacing idiots.
Some might argue that the more liberal DAP and PKR are there to derail PAS from putting forward its fanatic ideologies. However, lets be realistic and sensible – if the Opposition were towin the 2013 election, with the exception of Penang, the other MentriBesars will be Malay (either from PAS or PKR). The Sultans will never accept a Non-Malay as Menteri Besar as was the case with Perak after the 2008 election. Hence, you will definitely then have these PAS zealots as MentriBesars like the one in Kedah now. I for one am not willing to take this risk –our rights as Non-Muslims will be in danger if these hooligans are calling the shots.
For example, since Datuk Seri Azizan Razak (PAS Menteri Besar for Kedah) took over in 2008, the PAS led government has been hell bent on moral policing in Kedah which sets a very dangerous precedent for us Non-Muslims if they actually do take over the whole country in the upcoming election. For example:
  1. The Kedah government recently issued tough guidelines for the organizersof the Chinese New Year Celebration 2013 scheduled on February 15 at the Star Walk Alor Setar in Kedah. The authorities demanded that performers sing only religious songs and that a list of artistes and their songs should be submitted in advance. It also declared that if extreme singing and dancing activities took place, the PAS-led state government would shut down the programme. The two-page directive was signed by state Arts and Culture Committee chairman Datuk Dr Hamdan Mohamad Khalib. It stated that if women performers were needed, only secondary schoolgirls should be engaged. This has led many to question why the PAS authorities would allow young girls to perform on stage, but frown on adult women. The directive just doesn’t make sense even from a moral point of view. Even PAS’ allies have condemned their actions – “Not only does the guideline not respect the right of non-Muslims, but it also discriminates against women. The PAS-led Kedah State Government must immediately review and abolish this guideline,” DAP assistant national public secretary Teo Nie Ching declared. What this shows is their intolerant and insensitive attitude towards us non-Muslims. PAS-government ruling to bar adult women stage performers is an encroachment of non-Muslim rights. It is sexist, trampling and infringing on the rights of non-Muslims. Why are we not allowed to celebrate our festivals freely in Kedah like how Hari Raya Aidilfitri is celebrated? Why are we the only ones subjected to absurd and illogical guidelines on how we choose to celebrate our Chinese New Year? Such guidelines were never imposed in Kedah until the Pakatan government took over. I’m afraid that this is just the beginning and that these guidelines will soon have far-reaching effects on celebrations like Chap Goh Meh, the Hungry Ghost Festival and the Lantern Festival.
  2. In October 2012, the Alor Setar City Council (MBAS) instructed that non-Muslim female models must be dressed in T-shirt with long sleeves and long pants that cover their legs and that both male and female models must be fully covered even for sports advertisements; otherwise no approval will be given. Mayor Mat Noh Ahmad said that those who flouted the ruling would be fined RM300 and their billboard will be removed.
  3. In Kedah, Pasar Malam traders have beenordered to switch off lights for 15 minutes during Muslim prayer times. To me, it is therefore clearly absurd for PAS to claim Islamic laws that they implement would not affect non-Muslims. If PAS is willing to go this far when they have the mandate to govern a state, what the hell would happen to us non-Muslims if they governed the country?
I could go on and on as to PAS’ version of Islamic rules, which directly affects us Non-Muslims. I have not even touched on what these lunatics have been doing in Kelantan – such as the recent gender segregation rules (unisex hair dressing salons, couple holding hands), PAS’ own interpreted moral values in taking action against 2 non-Muslim men in a car watching aeroplanes taking off at Kota Bharu airport. I will save this for later.
To me, these incidents clearly show their insensitivity disregard to non-Muslims. PAS should respect and uphold the rights of non-Muslims under the Constitution. They should not be encroaching and muddling with the rights that the forefathers of our nation have granted us. These rights are our birthrights that should be safeguarded from individuals like the PAS Menteri Besar. I for one am not willing to put into jeopardy our children’s non-Muslim rights into the hands of these fanatics – god only knows what would happen if they were to actually govern our country!